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If you’re interested, I can demonstrate my post-processing techniques for images, offering you an opportunity to elevate your skills. I utilize various software tools such as Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, Luminosity Masks, and Nik Collection.

I am equipped to conduct personalized online courses through platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or any other preferred tool. All you need is a computer, and I’ll share my screen in real-time, allowing you to interact with me live!

This is a tailor-made course, adapting to your individual needs and skill level. We can work directly with your images during the sessions. Note that lessons will be recorded and provided to you afterward.

Explore the options tailored for you: I’ve crafted diverse solutions, suitable for those seeking a structured learning path or wishing to enhance their knowledge through hourly plans. Whether you prefer a gradual approach or immediate results, I’ve got you covered. As a specialist in landscapes, our discussions will primarily revolve around this domain. Together, we’ll analyze images and employ the best techniques to create impactful visuals.

Choose the plan that aligns with your preferences, and let’s schedule our meeting!

My offers dedicated to you:

I’ve crafted diverse solutions catering to different preferences: for those keen on a step-by-step learning journey, individuals looking to seamlessly integrate knowledge through hourly plans, and those eager for immediate results. Specializing in landscapes, our focus will predominantly be in this domain. Together, we’ll delve into the intricacies of reading images and employing top-notch techniques to craft impactful visuals.

Select the plan that best suits your needs, and let’s schedule a meeting to kickstart your learning experience!


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Some examples below:

before peakafter peak

The Peaks

I have solid experience in the mountains, as you may know, I am also a hiking guide and I like to spend most of my time shooting in this environment. The Dolomites are mine playground at the end.

I will show you how to work your shots captured in the mountain, adding mood, brightness, sharpness without exaggerating with colors and saturation.

I always recommend to avoid over-processed pictures, my goal is stimulate your creativity maintaining a natural and pleasant image over time.

before - architectureafter - architecture

The Water

Take shots of the water, waterfalls or seascapes can be very creative sometimes. It is when composition & shutter speed merge together in order to obtain your vision.

I will show how to work your shots captured in this environment, adding mood, brightness, sharpness without exaggerating with colors and saturation. The water and the light will be the key elements!

Personally I don’t like much over-processed pictures, and my goal is obtain a natural image but crispy at the same time.


The Night

Walking in the dark, in the mountain or in different environment is one of the things that I love more! The darkness and limited vision changes the perspective completely.

I will show how to work your shots captured in the night, can be an Aurora Borealis like the one used as example or a picture of the Milky Way.  To me is always important no exaggerating with colors & saturation, but we can of course adding a crispy mood.

It is not needed to over-processed the picture, I try always to strengthen, not upset the beauty that we have around us.

before - architectureafter - architecture

The Day

It is not mandatory go to shot only during sunset or sunrise, we can take our shots also during the day. Even at noon can happen!

I will show how to work your shots captured during the day, change their mood, without exaggerating with colors and saturation.

Maintain a natural and pleasant image over time by adding even a minimum of crisp and dreamy effect.

(picture awarded in the 13th edition of  ‘International Color Awards’)