16-26 February 2024OPEN!
For the very first time, we bring you to the best of quintessential Scandinavia in just one photography workshop. This tour blends the eclectic Lofoten islands, the majesty of Senja and the fantastical Lapland – all under the splendour of the northern lights above the majestic carpet of snow below. Designated for everybody we also undertake couple of guided hikes to spots that offer the best panoramic views across these iconic locations.
Spanning across 16 yo 26 of February, this is one trip you don’t want to miss! And all this at a pricing that’s virtually unmatched. Read on to find out more..


DAY 1 (16 of February) – Arrival Day
On our arrival day. we meet at the Harstad/Narvik airport. Once all the participants have landed, we will start driving to Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands (2 hours 30 mins drive). This location is not far from Henningsvaer, which is a quite nice sunset or sunrise spot. If the weather conditions hold up late in the evening, we will go hunting for the northern lights! Overnight in Svolvaer.
DAYS 2 (17 of February)
In the morning, we leave Svolvaer and make our move to Lekness. Along the road we can either stop at Henningsvaer for the sunrise shots or we can move directly to see the best beaches around Lekness. Today our focus would be to get the best shots around some of the best beaches Lofoten has to offer – which include Uttakleiv, Haukland and Vareid!  As always we’ll stay flexible to choose our spot for the northern lights. Overnight in Lekness.
DAY 3 (18 of February)
This is a postcard packed day! The sunrise presents us yet another opportunity to shoot around the beaches of Uttakleiv, Haukland and Vareid. Post that, we move to Reine. On the way we’ll shot the famous Fredvang bridges and adjacent peaks. Subsequently we head to Kvalvika beach; and if the conditions allow, we will go on a guided winter hike. This is not an overtly strenuous hike and we’ll have the support of a professional too, who will also help us with hiking gear should anybody need them. Kvalvika is a less frequented spot but perhaps one of the most scenic locations across entire Lofoten. We can choose to remain at Kvalvika for the sunset or move to Hamnoy and Reine instead. Once again, post dinner, we stay flexible with our spot for the northern lights –  with the famous Skagsanden beach being a worthy candidate. Overnight in Reine area.
DAY 4 (19 of February)
Today we’ll cover the sunrise around the popular and iconic spots of Hamnoy and Reine, all of which are in close proximity. Then we can have a quick stop ar A – the village with the shortest name in the world! And then we move to Rambergstranda and Skagsanden for sunset. Aftger sunset we move to Harstad (3 hours drive), the destination of our overnight stay.
DAY 5 (20 of February)
This will be a long but rewarding day! We’ll drive northwards and outside of the Lofoten islands for around 3.5 hours. Our destination is Senja – Norway’s second largest island and it also offers some of the most stunning scenery. We’ll check into our hotel and take some due rest. The sunset and northern lights will be around Bergsbotn or Tungeneset beach. Overnight in Senja.
DAY 6 (21 of February)
The sunrise will either be around Bergsbotn or Tungeneset beach. Tungeneset specifically offers endless compositional opportunities, something that can keep us glued for hours! However, the star of the day is Segla – a distinctive cliff-face that is unmatched in the world! There is a little hiking involved to get to the vantage point but we’ll once again have a the support of a professional, who’ll stay with us until we are done with the sunset shots there and subsequentky guide us back! After sunset, we move to Tromso (3 hours 30 mins drive) and stay the night there.
DAY 7 thru day 11 (22-26 of February)
The Lapland adventure is about to kick-off! The flight Finnair AY542 from Tromso to Rovaniemi is at 9.40 a.m. and all of us need to be on this! So we’ll head to the airport in the morning (and we need to return the car/van to the rental agency as well), we should reach Rovaniemi on time to rent the next car and then go to our next stay location, where we are going to sleep for 4 consecutive nights; and till the end of the trip (i.e. 26 of February). Over the next 4 days, we will move around and across the main national parks that adorn the Lapland, namely: Riisitunturi National Park, Kuntivaara, Oulanka National Park and Myllykoski Rapids. We will try to capture some relentless and stunning arctic sunrises and sunsets, possibly accompanied by the northern lights in the night!
The tour ends on 26 of February and we move to Rovaniemi airport in the early morning so everyone can take the flight to go back home!


  • Photography tour held in English & Italian

  • All transfers included

  • Lodging for 10 nights (Svolvaer, Leknes, Reine, Senja, Tromso, Lapland)

  • Breakfast included in Lapland

  • Photographic support

  • Assistance guide


  • Airfare & Visas (If applicable)

  • Meals other than breakfast (where included)

  • Travel Insurance *Highly recommended to purchase prior to the trip*

  • Optional activities

What will remain

  • An unique experience in one of the best place in the world

  • Unforgettable memories

  • A group of big friends

Tour Leaders

Federico Antonello
Capturing Nature’s Beauty in the Dolomites and Beyond
Explore the stunning landscapes through the lens of Federico Antonello, a passionate landscape photographer, tour leader and hiking guide based in the heart of the Dolomites. Specializing in untamed wilderness and celestial nightscapes, Federico gladly arranges photo tours for individuals eager to experience the breathtaking beauty of these locales. Join him on a photographic journey to witness the allure of the Dolomites. In addition to his Dolomite expeditions, Federico occasionally leads photo tours to other mesmerizing destinations like Lofoten, Iceland etc. His accolades include recognition in numerous international contests, and his captivating work has graced the pages of online platforms, newspapers, magazines, and books. Discover the world’s most enchanting landscapes through Federico Antonello’s lens, where every frame tells a unique story of nature’s grandeur.


Total price: 3500€ per person

Deposit required: 1000€ (30%)

The remaining balance is due on 10 of January, 2024

Single Supplement: Additional €1000

(Possible discount for returning customers)

Cancellation, Refund Policy & Payment:

Greater than 90 days from the start date of the Workshop: full refund.
60 days or more: 50% refund
Less than 60 days: no refund
Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.
Your Registration Payment is to confirm and hold your place in the workshop and will be applied to the total overall balance.
The remaining balance is due in full 30 day prior to the start of the workshop.
If you need to cancel your attendance to the workshop,  we will advertise the opening to others. If someone else signs up to fill your spot, we will refund you your deposit.
Please note that cancellations inside 60 days of the workshop are very hard to fill due to the international travel involved with this trip.

What to bring with you


DSLR/Mirrorless Camera
Wide Angle, mid range, and a telephoto lens, if you have one! (Examples: 16-35, 24-70, 70-200mm, 100-400mm)
Tripod (Travel size tripod is recommended), Filters
Chargers! (And adapters!)


Snow + Waterproof boots and clothing (Snow pants, winter down jacket, winter gloves, winter hat, boots, crampons, base thermal layers, warm socks)
Frontal Torch
Extra socks!
Casual clothes for dinner and around town